The Limu Company Review – Limu Benefits and More

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This is an unbiased report on several of the Limu Company reviews that we found throughout the web. We’ve researched high and low for reviews from people around the country and managed to compile an overview and discuss some of the major benefits that came up as a result of our research. If you haven’t heard of The Limu Company, do a quick search to learn more about it before you read on. This is meant to be for people who already have some familiarity with The Limu Company and all of their products (Limu Lean, Blu Frog and Limu Original).

Limu Company Reviews

Fred Alkerman from Detroit, MI says that Limu saved his life. He stated that he weighed 340 pounds and started on Limu Lean. Due to his busy schedule he also drank lots of Limu Burn as a meal replacement (please consult your doctor before getting onto any kind of dietary plan or engaging in any meal replacements).

Fred is 38 years old and he has a logistics company. He spent most of his life driving a forklift and eating fast food. At a young age he was made fun of by many kids because of his weight. However today Fred weighs in at 198 pounds which is the lightest he’s been since the 6th grade! Congratulations on your success with Limu Lean, Fred!

Andrew Sullivan of Chicago, IL wakes up every morning with a Blu Frog energy drink. He heard about the benefits of superfoods through his online research and managed to come across the energy drink. He found it to be much more affordable than most energy drinks on the market, so he committed to it. He found that he began feeling much healthier and much more alert in his day to day activities.

Andrew thanks Limu Juice and The Limu Company all the time for the help he’s received in creating a more nutritious and fulfilled life. He says that he makes $1,000 a week from selling Limu products now.

Stanley Dandridge in Chatsworth, CA says he got some mild benefit from drinking Limu Original. He said that he found a place to purchase Limu Original products online and gave it a try. He drank the products for about 4 weeks and decided he would not continue. He didn’t much care for the taste of the product and said that he prefers orange juice over limu any day of the week.

Stanley felt that the drink was nutritious, but that the nutrients didn’t outweigh the flavor that he didn’t like. He suggests finding a drink that tastes good and also has similar benefits to limu.

Overall Benefits

So with that being said, we’ve concluded that the benefits of limu are great and that people are really getting a lot out of these products. The Limu Company has done very well in providing quality products at a reasonable price. If you’d like, you can always make a purchase online.

We hope that you found these reviews helpful and that you can make a decision based on what you’ve read here. If you have any questions, please leave us a comment and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you again for checking in!

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