Successful Business Formula

How SEO is a formula for business success.

Business SEO-Success-Failure

Every entrepreneur has to leap into the unknown, let go of the safety rope and enter a place of turbulence and agitation where there is no visibility, where danger is lurking everywhere and noises blunts the senses. It is a lonely place where fear, doubt and discouragement can and often beat into submission the once courageous and fearless person.

The entrepreneurs who manage to cross the darkness and get to the light manage to get to a place where they have enough clients buying their products or services to cover all expenses and make a profit. The darkness is lifted, air rushes in their lungs vitalising their body with an exalting feeling of joy. SEO Agency London will show you how to get from the road to failure, to the road to success.

We know and can recognise those feelings, we have been there one way or an other in our life for whatever reason. What happens to a business to start getting paying customers to go from failing to winning?

Three things happen:

1- The business has a clear product or service they offer which is clear in their proposition delivery and execution and makes it easy to potential customers to understand what it is and what they get.

2-The business has a good healthy traffic of potential customers visiting the website or premises.

3-The business meets the potential customer expectation enough for them to acquire the product or service.

At this point depending of the nature of the product or service the business will offer aftercare and support however every successful business will in various way want to keep in touch with their customers and where possible turn that customer into a repeat business.

All said and done it’s easier to talk than to action. So we are going to examine each point in a way which is clear to understand and easy to follow. We need to take massive actions.


1- A clear proposition is achieved by:

– Assessing the benefit of the offer to the end user and making sure that the offer fulfil

– By being concise and clear in the way we communicate the above to the end user this is done by consistency and coherence through-out the brand and on marketing materials

– By being clear and right in communicating that our company and out product is better than our competitors

2-Traffic is achieved with SEO which if done well puts your digital properties in front of millions of people looking for your products or services.

3-Conversion is achieved by identifying with the visitor’s intent and meeting the expectations at the right time for the right stage of the buying process. If someone is searching with the aim to understand the pros and cons of using solar panel at this stage this person will flip out of any pages he lands on trying to sell him solar panel. So again we use SEO to make sure we have enough pages and information to satisfy every stage of the buying process and have the searcher land on the right page which fits with his or hers intent. Once trust has been established that way it is much easier for that person to buy from the company which provided such accurate and useful information.

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